TV Shows That I Should Have Given Up On But Had Already Committed To Finishing

  1. Revolution
    It started with such a cool idea and turned to such crap. Giancarlo Esposito was the only saving grace. I can't believe I watched the whole thing.
  2. The Walking Dead (ongoing)
    A show with both great and terrible writing sprinkled throughout. It feels like such a chore to watch at this point but yet I keep on going.
  3. Suits
    It started as such a smart legal show, and degenerated into soap opera nonsense.
  4. Prison Break
    A wonderful first season, a decent second season, a shit third season, and a what the fuck fourth season.
  5. Sense8
    I only kept watching for like 3 characters out of 8. Please don't let me watch season 2 when it comes out. Somebody. Please.
  6. Arrested Development
    Don't get me wrong, seasons one to three make up some of the best television comedy to ever air. But that season four though. Just painful.