All—okay, some—about me
  1. I'm Jed.
  2. I moved to Camarillo in southern California from Tennessee almost two years ago with my wife and two bassets. The missus got a job as an academic library at the Channel Islands campus of California State University and we decided to give Cali a go.
  3. I'm working on my doctorate of education; currently in the dissertation phase.
  4. I am a senior editor with, a pop culture site.
  5. I've participated in one marathon: at Disney World in Florida about 12 years ago. I'd love to try another one.
  6. I've always wanted to try my hand at standup. Currently working on a routine for amateur night at a local club.
  7. I once did a summer internship with the Clinton Foundation. I got to meet the former president and help with the logistics of his trip to Africa. I also talked to Elton John and Luther Vandross' respective publicists. So there's that.
  8. I once kinda got kicked out of a Church of Scientology for taking pictures. They thought I was a reporter, instead of the religion nerd that I am.
  9. I met my wife 16 years ago during our time in college in Kentucky. Only took me 12 years to get up the nerve to start flirting with her.
  10. I used to be a homebound teacher many moons ago. The things I saw still haunt me.
  11. Foreign countries visited: Italy, Fiji, Tonga, and Western Samoa.
  12. Only been to one concert: No Doubt in North Carolina.
  13. I hate the movie GREMLINS.
  14. I met Danny Pudi—Abed from COMMUNITY—for a press junket as a writer for FreakSugar and I neglected to ask him to say, "Cool cool cool."
  15. In the short time I've written for FreakSugar, I've gotten compliments about my congeniality and professionalism, so that's nice.
  16. I run a Facebook page and Twitter account posting as a drunk Batman.
  17. I've seen one comedian live: Louis CK.
  18. I was on TV once, in the audience at The Today Show.
  19. I've started a book—haven't all writers?—and I think it could be funny if I'd finish it.
  20. Favorite anthropologist? Robert Edgerton or Jared Diamond, probably.
  21. Last movie seen: JOHN WICK.
  22. I've presented at conferences about Batman and the X-Men's Cyclops, throwing some literary and sociological fairy dust on them.
  23. Guilty TV pleasure: PROJECT RUNWAY and SISTER WIVES.
  24. Biggest non-career-related dream: skydiving.
  25. Even when I'm not given the opportunity to engage in wearing those hats, I'd consider myself an educator, a writer, someone who wants to make people laugh and think, and a person who, despite his sometimes-dripping cynicism, thinks the best of and wishes good things for humanity.
  26. Last books read: FURIOUSLY HAPPY and APOCRYPHA NOW.
  27. Frivolous goal: to do a Daily Show/Weekend Update-type web series on YouTube.
  28. Struggle with: self-doubt, being hard on myself, hoping I'm a good husband and doggy daddy.
  29. Best BATMAN story: Year One.
  30. Most scared of: letting down my loved ones and my wife.
  31. Most frightened when: my wife or puppies are sick.
  32. Weirdest job: vending machine stockman at the local prison.
  33. Best teaching experience: out of the classroom, when former students thank me for helping them.
  34. Best Twitter moment: tie—when Neil Gaiman retweeted an article I wrote and when Jenny McCarthy blocked me for mocking her stand on vaccines.
  35. Most earrings worn at one time: five when I was 19.
  36. Number of tattoos: five, one of which is from the first line of my wife's poetry I ever read.
  37. Worst year in grade school: 8th.
  38. Best year in grade school: probably 5th.
  39. Streaked? Yes, three times.
  40. Kids? Our two bassets. If I ever had a son, I would hope it turned out like my younger brother.
  41. Biggest regret? Many. Not my biggest, but I wish I'd fought harder to make things possible to be able to do a Good Morning America internship I was offered. That would have been amazing.
  42. Favorite cartoon as a small child: HE-MAN.
  43. Mickey or Bugs? Bugs.
  44. I refuse to accept that GO SET A WATCHMAN exists.
  45. That's all for the moment. :) More later.