1. More talking, less TV
    I love watching television, especially crappy television, with my wonderful wife. And while we talk all the time, we've been turning the TV off earlier in the night and chatting it up for an hour or two. It's nice. :)
  2. Running
    I ran for the first time in weeks. It hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt. I'm hoping that it's the start of a new chapter. :)
  3. Preacher*
    AMC's adaptation of one of my favorite comic book series premieres this week. The asterisk is for cautious optimism.
  4. Unexpected Nightwing
    A good friend sent me a POP Funko figure of Nightwing in the mail. Out of the blue. He's an awesome dude.
  5. Making my wife laugh
    Her giggles always make me smile.
  6. Comedy open mic
    We moved from Tennessee to Ventura County, California, two years ago. I just found out that a club in town has open mics for aspiring comedians. I'm going to put together a routine and give it a shot. Bucket list item. :)