Favorite celebrity kids

There are a lot so bare with me
  1. Penelope Disick
    She constantly has to be compared to North West which can't be easy. Her hair color to skin complexion is not ideal yet she makes her ballet attire work for her. Plus swag for facial expressions.
  2. North West
    This is an obligatory post for the cutest celebrity kid
  3. Brooklyn Beckham
    Good for him realizing how hard the hustle for a celebrity kid is. He worked his game early and found a champ in adorable crowd favorite Chloe Grace Moretz. She's at the tov of her game and I hope great things for them. Better to get in early rather than become Kimberly Stewart
  4. Suri Cruise
    Number 1 celebrity kid for sure. You can debate the validity of Chaz Bono all you want but this queen shops at Barney's, goes to school when she feels like it and dictates her schedule like a champ. All hail Suri Y'all
  5. Kingston Rosdale
    The quinticental alt hairstyle for a child. Forcing a kid to alter their look never looked so cool.
  6. James Reynolds
    Completing with Goop is tough. Never try to out name her. Those kids are fucked. James is cute if you spend all you're time praying she'll get into journalism
  7. Jayden and Sean Federline Spears
    To those kids seem incredibly well adjusted for their situation. Good for them.