If I try to skip my work trip to Boston I could attempt the following adventures.
  1. Las Vegas
    They're about to board. Enrique is on the PA and he sounds great. Spend $2000 for hotels, a whole new wardrobe and lots of sunscreen. My Vegas name would be Milly. My preferred pet name would be Sugar.
  2. Fort Lauderdale
    Far more adventurous than Vegas because I know no one there, have never been there and would have no idea how to begin having fun. My name would be Heather.
  3. New York JFK
    Lived there, done that. Find any hotel near prospect park drop all my bags, walk to the strand, but as many books as I can carry and return to the park to love a peaceful life. Unless the humidity is stupid, then all of the above in a cab and the reading at my best friends house while her composer husband imagines what music will be post apocalypse. My name would be Cherrene. I would have no pet name, just aggressive glares to the cat callers.