Moonyank: when the moon's pull makes us go cray. 🌝
  1. Waking up with an inexplicable desire to see myself as a brunette and buying a new wig
  2. Bird outside the window chirping every 2 seconds for over an hour
  3. Woman at target SCREAMING about "shitting on all this nazi shit" as two security guards dragged her out
  4. That Orthodox Jewish Man darting out in front of my car three times while I was trying to escape the Target parking garage
  5. Green spray painting frenzy for a project I've literally had months to work on but decided to start today
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  6. Insatiable craving for ramen
  7. Cat occupying a new fort in the studio
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  8. Hawaiian plants on sale at Home Depot
  9. Jaywalkers. Everywhere!
  10. Just saw a woman in a Beemer breeze through a stop sign and hit a guy walking his Great Dane. The guy and dog jumped (and were okay), but then the guy started kicking her bumper and screaming, and she peeled off. MOONYANK!
  11. It's been probably ten years since I heard a Gorillaz song, and I've just heard two in the past hour.