The Survivor 34 cast ( or at least the rumored cast, by a very reliable source) was leaked today. So I'm going to rank them by both how much I like them and how much they deserve to be on whatever the theme of this all star season is. Which I cannot figure of by the cast. Legends vs second chance is all I got. Spoilers for most seasons ahoy
  1. 18. Ozzy
    I don't really need to see him for the 4th time. Not worthy of the the 4 time club with Boston Rob, Rupert and a person later on this list. One would assume an early jury boot here.
  2. 17.Sierra
    I'm not quite understanding this one. She was alright in worlds apart, decent player and all but was overshadowed edit wise by almost everyone who made the merge that season. And looking at the rumored people who got cut to put her in, it's super puzzling. Natalie A from Blood vs Water 2, I don't understand how she didn't make it. Sophie and Danni would of also been great. Natalie B and Carolyn would of also been better choices.
  3. 16. Troyzan
    Ugh. Why? He was near the bottom of the second chance vote. Why do they think we want to see him again. He's more obnoxious then a good character.
  4. 15. Brad C
    Another person near the bottom of the second chance vote. If we are putting on Second Chance rejects why not Shane and Teresa? I mean Shane likely didn't wanna do it because he said he was done after getting cut from a season for like 4th time. Anyway, Brad at least has some potential of being entertaining, more than Troyzan
  5. 14. Sarah
    We are getting into the ones I semi approve of. She was an interesting character who had a nice blindside. I think she just gets in for being on Cagayun.
  6. 13. Hali
    Also similar to Sierra, but a slightly better edit and I just like her more. These bottom 3 had better choices that got cut.
  7. 12. Debbie
    She was a pretty good character but I'm not that excited to see her back two seasons in a row.
  8. 11. Ciera
    I like her and all but 3 times in this short about of time?
  9. 10. Caleb
    Liked him more on Survivor then Big Brother but that was be uses he got the super positive medavac edit. He did have a lot of unintentional funny moments on Big Brother, so hoping to see some of that.
  10. 9. Andrea
    I like her a lot, just not champing at the bit to see her again.
  11. 8. Tai
    Good character but just saw a lot of him. To bad Mark the chicken isn't alive anymore ( or so I've heard)
  12. 7. Malcolm
    I like him a lot as well, I assumed he was so popular he was going to get his own Malcolm vs other legend season with 16 newbies. Surprised it took 8 seasons for him to come back
  13. 6. Aubrey
    Now we are finally getting into the people I'm super excited about. I'm rooting for these top 6. The bottom half of this cast is meh, but the top half is really good, so I'm still excited for this season. Anyway Aubrey lost because the jury was just really stupid, so I'm glad she has a second chance. I think she has a decent chance here.
  14. 5.JT
    I will always defend the letter. I don't think it ranks within the top 50 dumb moves on Survivor. It just was the wrong read. Plays like that are a reason I'd like to see JT back.
  15. 4. Jeff
    Excited to see him, thought he was very entertaining on his 4 episodes in second chances.
  16. 3. Sandra
    I love Sandra, but how is she not the first boot? If she can survive her first tribal and get in some alliance then maybe this will be interesting. I just don't see it getting pulled off a third time.
  17. 2. Tony
    One of the most entertaining Survivors of all time. I don't know if he can pull off the same stuff as last time.
  18. 1. Cirie
    I'd rank her as one of the top 5 Survivor players of all time despite no wins. She basically got screwed by Terry's immunity run the first time then James medavac causing a final 2 the second time. Slightly better luck and she would be in the two win club ( granted the first win would butterfly effect the 2nd) like Sandra she needs to survive the early tribals.