I've done 4 seasons of LAK karaoke league and I'm starting to run out of songs I really want to do and my list of songs not in the songbook that I have great ideas for grows. Most of these songs aren't in there for a reason, they aren't popular enough to licenses for a karaoke version. Some have versions but not a listened version they can use.
  1. 17. Gravel Pit - Wu Tang Clan
    I can barely ever find Wu Tang karaoke anywhere. This is the only one I'm good at.
  2. 16. Night Cap - Jaques Slade
    Ok, I know no one know this. It was on the Community tv show soundtrack. It barely played in the background in one episode. It is the best of the "hard rap about soft things" genre. It will never be a karaoke song.
  3. 15. Sweatpants/ Freaks and Geeks - Childish Gambino
    I'm really good at Childish Gambino raps. However most places have 3005 and maybe Heartbeat. They aren't as good of karaoke songs as these two. The 3005 backing track sucks. Max karaoke has Bonfire( which will appear later).
  4. 14. Tha Crossroads- bone Thugs and Harmony
    Being on a team called Tone Thugs and Harmony we wanted to do Tha Crossraods as group song finals week. Despite being warned the version they had was a remix we went forward. It was a complete different version instead. My biggest regret is not calling an audible and switching songs to something we knew. Instead I embarrassed myself in front of a cast member of Pretty Little Liars or whoever was the judge.
  5. 13. Move Bitch - Luda
    Yet another rap I'm good at that is never anywhere. It's the only song where I can do my Mystical impression well.
  6. 12. Go Kindergarten- The Lonely Island
    I just think this would be a great group song, this underrated Lonely Island song. Couple people singing the other doing the weird shit they tell you to do in the song like eat a shoe or punch your friend.
  7. 11. Swimming Pools - Kendrick Lamar
    I thought this was in the song book, I practiced it for weeks assuming it was. It was not. Nick had a great work around though and rapped it to T Sways Shake it Off. Even if it now popped up in the songbook, I can't top that one.
  8. 10. Hello! -Book of Mormon
    I think this can be a great group song. I've tried it solo at max karaoke. It does not work.
  9. 9. $ave Dat Money - lil Dicky
    Half this list will be comedy rap songs, just get used to it. I love the iced coffee verse to bits. The you tube video has 54 million hits, how many is needed for a karaoke version?
  10. 8. All of Flight of the Conchords season 2
    There's plenty of season 1 to do. I would like a Bowie or robots though, I have great ideas for those. But season 2 is underrated and I've never seen any karaoke for it. I've got Hurt Feelings.
  11. 7. My Band - D12
    Another great group song idea I've always wanted to do but it's not in the songbook.
  12. 6. Popstar soundtrack - Lonely Island
    The movie bombed which unfortunately means this great soundtrack will have no karaoke versions. Finest Girl (bin Laden song) could be really interesting. I know the whole catchphrase rap my heart in Turn Up the Beef. I also really want to do Equal Rights. It's the best comedy of decade IMO
  13. 5. Higher and higher - Wet Hot American Summer soundtrack
    It's my favorite song of all time no joke.
  14. 4. B.O.B -Outkast
    I did this as part of my act for the my senior year talent show. I've never seen it at any karaoke ever until a few months ago. Some rap karaoke event happened where it was there but I had to play board games instead.
  15. 3. Bonfire - Childish Gambino
    It's my best rap song. I've only seen it at max karaoke though.
  16. 2. Hamilton soundtrack
    This is only one on the list I know one day will get in the songbook. I cannot wait.
  17. 1. Belezelboss - Tenacious D
    This might be the song I most love to perform at karaoke, I just wish I could do it competitively.