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Enjoy your rv more use it for picnics no more packing up the car, everything is in your rv already... Or should be
  1. Bring small c class rv
  2. Go to the store get:
  3. Steak
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  1. Gain. Love the smell
  2. Oxyclean gives extra boost
  3. Shout spray Great for grease on husbands jeans
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  1. Big Magic, LOVED this book
  2. Wild. Lived it
  3. Eat love pray, hard to read but I bought the book so I had to read it, I did like it overall, loved the movie
  4. Tender at the bone, Ruth Reichl, loved it I like Ruth's writing I loved the story about her Mom poisoning her whole family and guests
  1. Tilly rv
  2. Stacked fire nice and hot to keep the beach chill off
  3. Camp beef short ribs dinner
  4. Shrimp camping food
Little rv is better
  1. Smaller RV's are better
  2. You can get in 1 space in parking lots
  3. Less fuel
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Go outdoors
  1. Get rv
  2. Buy all the necessary supplies
  3. Bring camera
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