I'm only a few months into 36 but I'm going to hit 2017 hard and by hard I mean having some manageable goals that I won't spiral into depression if I don't achieve. (Some aren't achievable. I know this).
  1. Learn to skate
    Off to a horrible start on this one but I have purchased hockey skates and I'm not turning back.
  2. Try online dating
    It seems like a lot of work to filter through the assholes (much like real life). My brother in law has offered to screen my messages then send them to me. I would take his offer but he had questionable taste in men.
  3. Read Infinite Jest
  4. Sell my condo
    Alternately, find my home wherever that may be. I feel more lost now than ever. Toronto seems foreign to me now.
  5. Bake a pie
    I'm not good in the kitchen, I don't like pies all that much but I really want to make apple pie while singing Don McLean's "American Pie"
  6. Attend the Glengarry Highland Games
  7. Sort my finances out
    At work I'm in charge of a large budget and have very little regard for my own finances. I need to care about my future more than I currently do.
  8. Start painting again
    I'm not very good but it's helped me relieve some stress. I actually prefer sketching but I'm far too impatient now than I was as a teenager.
  9. Believe a compliment when it's given
  10. Wear my glasses less
  11. Run 5k for Autism Awareness
  12. See a live show again. Even it's I'm alone and the only person of colour in the audience.
  13. Be able to honestly express how I feel
  14. Go to the movies more
    Dude, Lego Batman 2017!!!
  15. Go to a hockey game
    It probably will never be the leafs since I haven't been able after all this time, but I'd at least love to see the Marlies
  16. Stop falling for unavailable men
  17. Decide if I'm changing the industry I work in
    I'm torn. I want to work with adults with special needs in hopes of advocating and supporting those who are often lost in the system after they reach the age of 21. Very few know that I'm constantly debating starting over in another emotionally draining field.
  18. Finish Mad Men
  19. Go fishing
    Goddamnit, no one I know fishes. I just want to fish. Maybe this one should be "make new friends"
  20. Hug more
    I keep physical boundaries because I assume that I'm not deserving of affection.
  21. Stop berating myself in order to keep myself from feeling/getting hurt
    "He doesn't care about you" "they're too busy to want to talk to you" "you are not interesting" "she doesn't want to deal with your shit right now"
  22. Read more Canadian authors
    I never pay attention to where an author is from but there is something about reading literature that speaks to your own experience. Recommendations always welcomed.
  23. Watch less CNN
  24. Don't read the comments on Twitter
    No good can come from this
  25. Volunteer in my community
  26. Stop being afraid that my heart is going to give out
    Found out that in addition to having an irregular heartbeat my heart also skips beats. I was told that this isn't something to worry about ... yet. I was not told when to start worrying. I hold back more than I would like to.
  27. Remember to take off my makeup before going to bed
    Alternatively, be less lazy
  28. Read The Book Thief
    Gifted and so high on my to read list
  29. Get lost in a maze
    I love mazes
  30. Start a journal again
  31. Wear heels... occasionally
  32. Watch a Bond film
    I've never seen any and I don't know where to start
  33. Learn to use a ripstik
    I have balance issues. I am also clumsy.
  34. To reduce my dependency on sleeping aides
    I use them every night, I'd like to use them max 4 times a week. This seems reasonable.
  35. To feel safe enough to fall asleep in the arms of another
  36. To laugh so hard I can't breathe
  37. To fall in love so deeply that I want to live forever