Inspired by @jessicaz on this the day before Tuesday.
  1. I'm going to push you away. I will give you the out. If that doesn't work I'll retreat so you get bored/tired of trying and leave. Before that happens here's some advice on dating me because I think we can still have some fun.
  2. I think I'm fairly low-key, but I still want to be wooed.
  3. I have guy friends that I'm very close with. Don't be weird about this.
  4. There should always be music
  5. Don't try to do grand romantic gestures unless you're 99.9% sure that we're both the love of each other's lives otherwise it's gonna get awkward.
  6. Yes I want to spend time with you and go on adventures but I'm also going to need to do my own thing. You should too.
  7. You can take me sports games, art galleries, concerts, dive bars, fancy restaurants (not too fancy).
  8. Let's only celebrate our birthdays. No anniversaries. No valentines. Maybe Christmas and NYE. Halloween yes.
  9. I'm going to be stubborn so choose your battles.
    Most of it is silly stubbornness, some might say it's adorable. I'm the only one who says that.
  10. I'm the worlds most okay-est cook. No one has died so it's all good. You should probably take over cooking duties if you enjoy food. Below are things my youngest nephew has said to me.
    "Have you ever cut an apple before?" // "that's not how you make toast" // "do you even know how to put ketchup on a hotdog?" It should be know that I was the only person's eggs he would eat so I think I did okay. I even taught him how to do it.
  11. Napping is my idea of a the perfect date.
  12. Be okay with being 4th. Never make me choose and I'll never make you choose.
  13. Be funny haha because I'm funny, but not that funny. I'm borderline lame.
    Puns are my jam.
  14. Be human. Or robot.