This list could have gone many ways and my apologies to @Boogie for this turning into a list of movies you will never watch. I picked movies that stuck with me the most. Horror is not my favourite genre but this was easier than trying to pick my all time favs (which I refuse to do for films)
  1. 0 - 5
    I don't know the name of the movie I watch because it was TV, it could have a TV movie but it definitely was not a known or recognizable as I've tried very hard to find it. I remember two scenes vividly but their unique enough to yield any results on a google search. My first horror movie is unnamed but it fucked me up into the wonderful person you all know now. *curtsy*
  2. 6 - 10
    I remember fighting to watch this at 6 with my older sister and cousins. I won the battle, I think. I actually haven't seen this is a while but just thinking about it is pure nostalgia for me.
  3. 11 - 15
    I didn't see the original Prom Night with Jamie Lee Curtis but this was another one I said I was read to watch. I wasn't. Proms always freaked me out. And if I'm remembering this correctly I started hated mirrors. Remember when you and your friends used to "Bloody Mary" three times in the mirror? My friends and I were stupid.
  4. 16 - 20
    I have a strong dislike for Tom Cruise but I watched the shit out of this movie. Almost every girl has a vampire phase, that's why I don't hate on those who like Twilight.
  5. 21 - 25
    Probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. That's how I remember it. I can't rewatch and I can't even think about watching the original. Someday I'll be brave enough, today is not that day.
  6. 26 - 30
    I'm classifying this as a horror film because I want to include it in this list. I absolutely adore it and will continue to watch it over and over. @Boogie I think you can handle this one.
  7. 31 - 35
    This is the last horror movie to scare me and make me think. It's complex and layered and highly recommended. I definitely want my own copy of The Babadook book.
  8. 36+
    I'm back in my vampire-phase and I love this movie. Horror-docu-comedy. People don't understand my love for this movie and I don't understand those people. @Boogie another one I think you can watch.