A total narcissistic list about my appearance as a kid

Inspired by @Heartsounds because I was at my mom's house looking through photo albums that made me laugh at myself. I grabbed all my high school yearbooks so that will be another list at some point.
  1. Hanging with my dude, Tony T
  2. Dancing up a storm. Don't come at me when there's some old school soca.
  3. Me and my grandmother. This photo actually made me smile.
  4. In my Sunday's best. I think this is wedding gear.
  5. Someone is stealing food coyly while my cousin is trying to take a photo.
    I totally knew what I was doing.
  6. Hanging with my other dude, Santa C.
  7. Holy shit I got a Walkman look. Pure glee.
  8. Someone is graduating grade 6
  9. Floral power part 2.
  10. In my pants suit.
  11. Me with my grandfather who is my favourite person.
  12. Teenage years I'm sure. Just take the photo, mom!
  13. Okay, mom. Got it?