Today is my last day of work until the new year. I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted because we have been celebrating Christmas since basically the end of Remembrance Day. I also have not been back home since then.
  1. We've had so many parties I can't keep count. It has been like fourleven.
  2. We've put together our Christmas party for the staff and delivered food to the staff who couldn't attend because we're a 24 hour business
  3. I have done coffee-runs for the staff that include 15 different individual coffee/tea/hot chocolate orders for my evening staff. People have weird orders - one in one out, what the hell is that?
    Our Tim Hortons peeps are amazing. I have gotten them a gift basket from our local fine cheese place because I couldn't find an edible arrangement that would deliver to our small town. (You should see me asking for the basket to me made, "I don't eat cheese, just put some stuff people like in it")
  4. Got in at 5:00am to make breakfast for the nights and days staff. They know I'm not a morning person.
    They loved this so much we're going to do this once a month in the new year.
  5. I dressed up like an elf to deliver presents to the residents
  6. Schmoozing at the party for resident and families. I am not a schmoozer.
  7. I've brought in food for the staff everyday this week and on and off in the beginning of December (we do this randomly throughout the year too)
    Got lots of fruits today because sugar is the enemy.
  8. My team is exhausted. I went overboard with their gifts to say thank you and to say this is our last Christmas even though they don't know it yet. The guilt is killing me.
    I've been putting so much of myself into this season because of this reason. My decision to take this job two years ago was because of those I met while helping them when there wasn't anyone. I'm feel like about to betray them and they don't even realize it. (I'm not leaving until spring/summer but I'm already overwhelmed about moving on and disappointing the people I care about)
  9. Continued
    I don't want to paint a picture that it's all fun and games. They drive me crazy and I'm sure I do the same to them.