So close to be day drunk before my flight.
  1. I want an American accent
  2. My fake Boston accent doesn't count but has gotten some applause.
  3. Only randomly selected for one extra screening. Dudes were nice and funny. I would have hung out with them longer if I could.
  4. Texas Pete Hot Sauce has a new fan. F You everything else that isn't my mom's homemade pepper sauce.
  5. Random conversation with dude about drinking anything that includes Tequila before a flight. We both agree it would not be good for anyone. Martinis on the other hand should be fine.
  6. I'm supposed to go out tonight when I'm back in Toronto. I'm placing bets that I'll be asleep by 9pm.
  7. Current drink has tipped the scale. I'm drunk before my flight. I'm either about to make a lot of friends or get banned for life from this airport and the airline.
  8. Have been called both ma'am and miss
  9. I still have an hour to kill.