An Ode To My Family

This was the gift I ended up giving for Xmas in reference to this previous list Secret Santa Gift Ideas it was a calendar that included everyone's birthday and anniversaries corresponding to the appropriate month. Because I loved it and it took some work I'm listing it.
  1. I'm only related to 3 people in this group. We're a collection of amazing people (yeah I said it)
  2. January
    I wonder who bought my nephew The Clash t-shirt? Couldn't be the same person who played them for each of the kids while in the womb.
  3. February
    My Leafs jersey no longer belongs to me. It has a good home.
  4. March
    Those girls went out to a Soca party in the main pic. I don't go to Soca parties.
  5. April
    That's four people wearing the same Bob Marley shirt while in Jamaica. They're not a creative bunch.
  6. May
    I'm in one of those pics despite trying hard not to include myself. 5 birthdays in May, the busiest month.
  7. June
    Our cousin who passed away birth month.
  8. July
    This was the only month without a birthday or wedding anniversary. No love for July.
  9. August
    Three weddings? How about not getting married in August, guys? Let's pick another month.
  10. September
    Two weddings. I guess that's better.
  11. October
    Birthday month and Halloween so I'm here twice.
  12. November
    Younger me in bottom right pick. I'm thinking bangs again.
  13. December
    Our Xmas tradition is always on Boxing Day. Group photo is not optional.