Sitting in my drafts for a long time (see the first point) I guess this started as my personal history with sports. Released into the world thanks to @BWN_7
  1. I won't talk about baseball since I've done that in here already and I'm writing this list as my bird loves battle each other.
  2. I used to stay up to watch Formula 1 racing in real time
  3. I had to give up watching sports when I was university because I would skip my late classes if it conflicted with the Maple Leafs games
    If I did attend I'd likely leave at break to watch the game at St. Mike's College's lounge
  4. I can't watch a shoot out without developing an ulcer
    I'm pretty sure I read that on webMD
  5. I have really old sweatshirt of the Raptors that I live in during the winter with the original Raptor logo.
  6. I think a freshly zamboni-ed ice is prettier than any diamond
  7. When I didn't own TV I would sit in my poorly furnished apartment listening to World Cup games
  8. The first sport I ever played was cricket