1. I haven't been on here a lot and yes that has to do with the changes on the app but also it has to with me. I hate not being here and supporting people the way I've been supported in the past. I do want to change that.
  2. Work has been incredibly stressful. My second in command got a great opportunity and she's no longer there. This postpones my own plans for leaving and it's increased my workload beyond belief.
  3. Online dating has actually been going well. It's been hard to schedule dates because of work and life but yeah going well.
    It's been nice feeling wanted.
  4. I got in a fight with my sister because I can't let her moral superiority and judgemental tone run rampant. I know it's wasted energy but I can't handle her negativity and I'm not looking forward to sharing a hotel room with in a few weeks. One of us might not survive.
  5. I'm currently in excruciating pain because of a toothache. I feel like a wuss complaining about it but it's crippling at this point.
    I've spent the day in pure silence. I couldn't watch or listen to anything after work. This is unlike me.
  6. I haven't read anything in ages.
    Because I'm trash.
  7. I haven't listened to Jay Z or Broken Social Scene's new album. Or anything from The National's upcoming album.
    Again, I'm trash.
  8. That's all I can think of for now.
    Hope you're all well.