Cliched Moments From Film* I Want To Recreate (and how close I've come)

*Or TV Or Whatever
  1. Throwing a glass of water in someone's face
    Closest I've come is a throwing a half eaten burger in someone's face. Then I got sad because I couldn't eat the burger.
  2. Running in an airport to stop the love of my life from leaving
    Closest I've come is running to my plane to New York after they changed the gate but I didn't hear the announcement because I was buying trashy magazines.
  3. Standing in the rain delivering an unnecessary monologue that could be said inside or at any other moment
    Closest I've come is standing outside waiting for someone to answer the damn door.
  4. An impromptu singalong that bonds us and changes relationships forever
    Closest I've come is drunkenly singing to "You Give Love A Bad Name" with strangers.
  5. The moment when I take off my glasses, wear a dress and people are blown away because they didn't realize I was a girl
    Closest I've come is having a guy I know try to get too close because I'm showing cleavage (the story of every woman, I'm sure)
  6. Saving the world from an alien invasion
    Closest I've come is saving one of my girlfriend's from some sleazy unwanted attention
  7. Trying to save the "inner city" youths and end up having my life changed instead
    Closest I've come is trying to changing my cell phone provider
  8. Punching someone in the face and saying "that's for..." When they least expect it
    Closest I've come is glowering. That's all they can handle, so I say.
  9. Disarming a bomb with 2 seconds to spare
    Closest I've come is putting on my makeup in less than 5 minutes
  10. Meeting my exact opposite, having an antagonist relationship and then realizing that we are meant for each other.
    Closest I've come is meeting someone who irritates me.