I think I'm connected to most of you either through twitter or Instagram - those are the only two social media platform that I engage with. If we're not and you'd still to stay connected here are my usernames
  1. @The_shome_ on Twitter
    I'm not funny or interesting on there but I'm there
  2. @theshome on Instagram
    It's a private account with pics of me and my family if you're into that sort of thing
  3. This app and the people here have been incredibly important to me. With all sincerity and love, thank you.
  4. Shomes (I think) at Letterboxd
    I love letterboxd, it's a great movie app that has helped me find some great movies and for me to remember what I've watched since I'm often quizzed on movie recommendations.
  5. Shoma on Goodreads
    I usually intend to use it throughout the year but I become less diligent about logging my current reads. I mainly use it to make sure I don't buy multiple copies of the same book (because I do that)