Inspired by @shanaz altered only because I already have a crushes list and working on this revealed a trend that I was all to keen to explore.
  1. Laurie in Little Women (Christian Bale)
    Let's marry the siblings of our first love together and then each other, Laurie.
  2. Jonathan from Dracula (Keanu Reeves)
    Let's go crazy together, Jawnathan (pronounced using Winona's version of a British accent)
  3. Ronald Miller from Can't Buy Me Love (Patrick Dempsey)
    Let's wear a lot of hair gel together, Ro No.
  4. Duckie from Pretty In Pink (Jon Cryer)
    Let's have our heartbroken by our best friends together, you adorable boy you.
  5. Alex P Keaton from Family Ties (Michael J. Fox)
    Let's argue about politics on the way to your young Republicans meeting together, you child-man, you.
  6. Alex Gonzalez (Blue Jays Short Stop)
    Let's have a poor batting average but hold it down on the field together , A-Gon.
  7. Shawn Green (Blue Jays Right Fielder)
    Let's skip work to observe the high holidays together, you tall skinny drink of water, you.
  8. Mike Mussina (Orioles Pitcher)
    Let's pretend you never went to the Yankees together, Moose.
  9. My type: dark hair, dark eyes and floppy-hair when not wearing a baseball hat/helmet. Who knew?
    I didn't.