Favourite Concert Moments

None of these pics are my own.
  1. Muthafuckin Prince during the Musicology tour
    I had a ticket to his last performance in Toronto but I couldn't make it into town. At least the ticket went to someone who has never seen him perform.
  2. Lykke Li dancing on stage to her own version of "A Milli"
  3. The time I jumped on stage to grab the Arcade Fire set list and then meeting Win Butler after
  4. The time I climbed industrial equipment to be able to see from the back. I needed to see Maynard James Keenan
  5. The Boss. Whenever he sang aything from Nebraska.
  6. Seeing the Decemberists for the first time
    Paying $7 CANADIAN! My friend and I felt like we needed donate more.
  7. Seeing Wilco alone and enjoying every minute
  8. Driving to Montreal to see Radiohead and then back to Toronto for their second show
    The Toronto show got cancelled because we had a city-wide blackout. The show was rescheduled and we got to see them in a much smaller venue.
  9. Doves where I elbowed some asshole for pushing me around.
  10. Seeing Ted Leo, Interpol and Patrick Wolf in Chicago over 4 days
  11. Morrissey walking out on stage
  12. St. Vincent being so damn awesome
  13. Modest Mouse. The entire show.
  14. Tori Amos and her piano
  15. Raphael Saadiq!
    I wasn't a fan before seeing him. I'm so glad I did.
  16. New Kids On The Block
    My first concert.
  17. That time when the guitarist from British Sea Power dived into the crowd and I manage to catch him
  18. Devotchka singing How It Ends
    Damn that song has made me cry so many times
  19. Stars and Broken Social Scene benefit show
  20. TV on the Radio singing Young Liars
  21. Magnolia Electric Co
    My only time seeing Jason Molina who created my favourite album of all time.
  22. The Cure at Curiosa and every time they sang anything from Disintegration
  23. Yeah Yeah Yeahs turning me on
  24. Xiu Xiu making me have some difficult feels
  25. Neko Case and her voice. Oh her voice!
  26. The National from beginning to end my soul was soothed
  27. Erykah Badu made me feel things
  28. Sigur Ros was the closest I may ever get to having a spiritual moment