Favourite Horror Movies, chronologically (suggestions welcomed)

I am by no means an expert in the genre, I don't really know the difference between thrillers and horror (that's why there's no Hitchcock). I also didn't included horror/comedies and there are some notable films missing because I have not seen them (The Shining - yeah I know).
  1. Hello Mary Lou Prom Night 2
    My first horror movie, then came the Chucky movies - they were not my favourite. I had a talking doll that I side-eyed and wanted to get rid of but my mom wouldn't let me.
  2. Bram Stoker's Dracula
    Even with the horrible accents of Keanu and Winona.
  3. Interview with the Vampire
    It was my Twilight. Moody vampires. Young girl. Pretty good soundtrack.
  4. Scream
    Probably owe I my understanding of "meta" to this film.
  5. Carrie
    Love me some scary religious shit.
  6. The Ring
    Probably the first time I was terrified by a movie. I don't think I would be able to handle the original.
  7. Halloween
    Watched this in class, we were to pay attention to the score, which is what I remember most.
  8. The Exorcist
    Re-release in theatres. Why do people think being scared in unfamiliar surrounds is better than being scared at home. I find it jarring. Again. Religious shit.
  9. Pan's Labyrinth
    One of my favourite films.
  10. Let the Right One In
    I haven't seen the remake. I don't feel it's necessary to when this is perfect.
  11. Babadook
    The parallels to mental illness makes it even more frightening.
  12. Cabin in the Woods
    Whedon for the win.
  13. Housebound
    Badass heroine.
  14. It Follows
    Horror film that can be a good opening to a conversation on safe sex with your teenage daughter or son.
  15. Descent
    I have a friend who would do something like this. I have forbidden her from doing any sort of adventuring in caves.
  16. Martyrs
    Possibly torture porn and a young Xavier Dolan.
  17. The Loved Ones
    This list starts and ends with a prom themed movie. Ughh. Prom.
  18. Shaun of the Dead
    More funny than scary, but I think it fits the category
    Suggested by   @hillary79
  19. Woman in Black
    No lie I love this movie. It's got a great story (that isn't crazy complicated) and good scares.
    Suggested by   @finesse
  20. Suggested by   @Gola