As a kid I was a huge Eddie Murphy fan. I hid behind the couches of my living room while the adults were watching Raw, it was my first experience of stand up comedy - I was never the same.
  1. Soundtrack/Score
    The iconic "Axel F" aside the soundtrack and score is damn near perfect. Only thing missing is "Party All the Time"
  2. Axel Foley
    T H E M A N. Originally Foley was to be played by Stallone, I can't even begin to contemplate what kind of world this would be had this happened.
  3. Rosewood and Taggart
    My younger self had a crush on Rosewood because he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. My older self would lean more towards men like Taggart, wonderfully jaded and exasperated.
  4. Police cars of yesteryear
    The police cars in Detroit in the 80s had the lamest decals. Looks like something someone at Signs Signs Signs would have designed.
  5. Cliched Hardass Boss utters cliched line
    "This whole thing stinks to high heaven"
  6. "Michael Jackson can sit on top of the world just as long as he doesn't sit in the Beverly Palm Hotel because ..." Would have been a great article to read in Rolling Stone
  7. Serge
    Not sure what accent Bronson Pinchot was supposed to be doing, much like his Balki character but I'm not complaining. I love him.
  8. The classic banana-in-the-tailpipe trick
  9. Shoot out with multiple machine guns versus revolver, pistol and shot gun
    This goes as expected - I love accurate depiction of gun violence.
  10. Yes there are problematic themes
    I acknowledge but do not excuse them.
  11. P.S. I now second-guess my spelling of Beverly after watching The Jinx even though I never misspelled it before