Another one of my favourite movies as a kid. Kathleen Turner was my first role model of a strong woman (after that was Murphy Brown) - brass, unconventional and fierce.
  1. Movies set in Chicago is my weakness
    I had planned to move to Chi Town years ago. It's still an option. I love the city.
  2. Kathleen Turner
    I wanted to be a private eye and a journalist after watching this. #flawlessbish
  3. Movie remake casting choices
    Amy Schumer as V.I. Or Wanda Sykes
  4. "Have libido, will travel"
    Truest statement ever
  5. He played for the Blackhawks
    I would be smitten too, VI. Even though his nickname is "Boom Boom". It's like he was the bastard son of Fred Rubble.
  6. Why is the goblet a big deal? It's an effin goblet.
    Who drinks out of those? Has the Last Crusade taught us nothing?
  7. Teenage girls are brutal. I should know.
    But she is everything because she's spunky.
  8. I had an egg as well to take care of.
    It was weird. It's an egg. If I could keep the egg intact that means I would be ready for parenthood? All that exercise proved is that I could do the minimum amount of damage to a fragile inanimate object.
  9. Sequenced dress and floral robe = Style icon
    Slay VI!
  10. Sexist comments
    "You don't look like a private eye to me". "Being a detective is no job for a girl like you"'. "If your father had turned you over on his knee more often you would be happy housewife right now"
  11. So many Seinfeld minor characters!
  12. Murray! Stay!
    A girl needs to fall asleep in the arms of some guy named Murray. He went out for bagels (I'm totally assuming this). Marry him VI or spend your Sunday mornings with him. Either is good.
  13. Crying gets you things? So does playing dumb?
    I totally need to try this at some point. Probably would not have gotten that speeding ticket that one time.
  14. Sage advice:
    "Never underestimate a man's ability to underestimate a woman."
  15. Men wearing overalls with a shirt cannot be trusted.
    Dude no one believes that you fucked more than 500 women. There is no way.
  16. Next instalment: Troop Beverly Hills