More than just the facts. Actually no facts here. But there are spoilers, but if you haven't watched this yet I doubt you will.
  1. There was time when Tom Hanks was considered a rebel. What a world that must have been.
    This was probably my first Hanks movie. He's got to be the most likeable person ever, right? I'd believe this movie more if the casting was reversed.
  2. Streebek gets "She's-All-That" and dons a new look.
    Results: doable.
  3. Streebek at the Zoo advocating for the animals
    Again. Doable.
  4. Bait Magazine Models
    I would kill myself if my theme music included indistinguishable adult contemporary saxophone whenever I'm sashayed around with a bikini and high heels. I'd like having a sea shanty played whenever I sashay.
  5. High speed chases crashing into a well placed display of stuffed animals.
    Brilliant. Keep those production costs down
  6. I feel like I've met and worked with men like Emil Muzz
  7. P.A.G.A.N. Parties seem pretty fun
    Except the whole sacrificing a virgin thing. I can't get behind that unless... No. No I can't.
  8. Don't dive head first into an unknown pool of water. C'mon guys.
    Unless you're Scrooge McDuck, of course.
  9. Drugs saves.
    Don't tell the kids.
  10. Virgin is rescued. Usually this is where the story ends.
  11. Stuff happens as our boys are targeted.
    They're discredited. Hit a strip club. Were strip clubs more or less popular in the 80s compared to now? I don't think Tom really wants to be there. His agent has to talk him into this. He only agrees to do the scene after meeting the actresses.
  12. The milk wastage upsets me even as a dairy-free individual.
  13. I'm gonna stay away from the whole hypocritical televangelist theme
    It's too easy
  14. Yes, Joe, please keep introducing Connie by her sexual proclivities.
  15. Joe is monologuing
  16. Joe didn't let the Reverend use the washroom. That's a form of police torture, no?
  17. Sad saxophone music plays while Joe is stripped of his badge
  18. Oh my god, Connie, stop being so wide-eyed and whispery.
  19. Joe and Connie are tied up in an observatory and all I can think of is Megamind. I love Megamind.
  20. "Friendships starts with first names"
    So true, but they last longer when there are nicknames involved.
  21. It's funny. I remember most of this movie except the ending.
    The first half is more interesting.