I want to be Diane Keaton when I grow up
  1. Busy work woman doing busy work things in the opening montage
  2. Specific Busy Work Women, JC, speaks quickly and says things like "streamline" and "merger". She is fluent in acronyms
  3. Hey James Spader!
    How you doin?
  4. "Normally I don't think of you as a woman"
    That is meant as a compliment
  5. Busy Work Woman inherits a baby
    In order for this to happen to me I have to plan several murders and I'm wayyy too lazy.
  6. Baby Elizabeth is cute and she will melt Busy Work Woman's heart but not before a prolonged wacky adjustment period
    Diapers are not that difficult to understand. Butt goes there and then affix sticky tabs to other side. I do wonder if there are instructional YouTube videos on how do this?
  7. Baby Elizabeth is laughing at my favourite I Love Lucy episode.
    This kid is a keeper!
  8. Things got too real for Harold Ramis.
    He's off to film Ghostbusters II
  9. Busy Work Lady had to hire a nanny because she has busy work things to do
    Interviews a series of stereotypical nannies
  10. It must have been so shitty being a professional and a mother in the 80s and beyond
  11. You bastard, James Spader!
    Walk away, bitch.
  12. Busy Work Woman becomes more than her job. She takes charge of her own future and Elizabeth's.
    My secret wish is to move to the country, possibly Vermont.
  13. House in Vermont comes with a barn and animals. That's a bargain. Or the raw deal. I'm not sure which category unpasteurized milk falls under.
  14. Everything is breaking down at the house. It's like The Money Pit without Tom Hanks, which is just the pits. Hiyooo!
  15. Hello Sam Shepard!
    Boss move.
  16. JC is making gourmet baby food. I can't even make microwaveable meals.
    Bad ass boss wherever she goes
  17. Montage of mail delivery, map of America and boxes = commercial success = happiness and fulfillment
  18. JC heads back to New York to discussing selling gourmet baby food to a market not yet saturated by speciality goods
  19. Bless the 80s for the unnatural shoulders to waist ratio
  20. She ain't no average bitch, she values more than the corporate lifestyle
    Diane Keaton you fabulous bish, you! Sorry really wanted to include this gif of Bey. Goddamn Goddamn.