1. Static
  2. I'll say it. All star cast, okay! Basinger, Aykroyd, Lovitz, Hannigan
  3. Scientist Dan Aykroyd doing science things gets told by curmudgeonly boss that his funding has been revoked. I can't comment on the science. But I'm sure it's sound.
  4. Yep definitely sound.
  5. Young Allison Hannigan is much like older Allison Hannigan. Adorbs.
    Hereafter referred to as Jess
  6. Young daughter Jess tells her dad that she's wearing a bra
    And I can't tell my dad I bought a new car.
  7. Cameo by Juliette Lewis
    All star cast, I say!
  8. Hot alien lady tries to communicate using commercial slogans in order to gain the secrets that she believes scientist Ackroyd has
  9. That hat!
  10. Alien handbag is gross and suggestive
  11. Kim Basinger in a negligee and apparently she's cold
  12. Cameo by Seth Green
    All star cast!
  13. Why is there soca music for the grocery shopping scene I will never know.
  14. Purse alien has a Carrie moment and things get scary for Jess
  15. After the big reveal Celeste has complicated feelings about the man she had to seduce for his knowledge. I know I always feel that way after.
  16. In a "major" climatic moment Celeste's planet is saved. However, an impression of Jimmy Durante does not save Earth. No it's pollen. That and the first alien-human exchange program.
  17. Happy endings and such.
  18. "Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are"