Five Photos on my Phone Chosen at Random

  1. A pumpkin I carved for my nephew
    This is the first pumpkin I carved on my own and I am still proud of myself.
  2. Petting Zoo at Work
    I do love my job even when it's stressful and soul-crushing. I love it a million times more when we are able to make our residents smile. Most are from farming communities and we were able to have animals on-site for those who cannot leave the building without supports.
  3. Card
    I still send mail, it's usually care packages filled with random stuff. This was a card with a song challenge to my brother-in-law after he confessed how much he hated Adele's Hello. All the songs start with Hello and he has to name the song and artist without using Google.
  4. Leafs & Canadiens
    My two favourite hockey teams. This is very controversial statement 'round these parts.
  5. My grandfather
    My grandfather the fighter. One of the most amazing men I've ever known. He was deemed palliative at the hospital and made sure he got himself home and right after doing so went to get a fresh cut. Since he won't say it I will on his behalf, "fuck you death, I got more to do"