I don't have a family doctor where I live currently and I avoid them unless there is something urgent or seemingly important. I've been seeing this doctor and he's been looking into my heart. I already have an irregular heartbeat and the tests that were run indicate that I also have skipped heartbeats. I ask if I should be concerned.
  1. His response: "Generally, it's not dangerous"
  2. You know what else is generally not dangerous? The following:
  3. Small amounts of arsenic
  4. Walking across or adjacent to train tracks
    Despite what all those damn movies in school told us
  5. Sharks
  6. Alcohol
  7. My mother
  8. Me
  9. Driving 8 hours straight
  10. These are not GENERALLY dangerous, but it damn well could be.
  11. You are being unhelpful. I am confused and I don't like being confused.