Inspired by @Boogie. We both have had some good memories but definitely not 12 like all you other crazy people with your fancy and lovely lives.
  1. Camden Yards. I 💙 Baltimore so hard it's inappropriate.
    Finally made it to see one of my favourite teams play at their stadium AND beat the Yankees! I loved the stadium and the city. I still dream of the crabs and when I got to touch a jelly fish! You've got some competition for my heart, Chicago.
  2. Being bridesmaids at my cousin's wedding.
    Not my actual cousin. He's my brother-in-law's cousin and his now wife and I have been tight since we met. I was so honoured to be a bridesmaid and a week in Mexico was pretty damn sweet.
  3. Bonding with my girl
    Love her to pieces. For reasons I wasn't part of her life the way I had hoped to be for a while. We were in Mexico together for the wedding we got a chance to hang out and have some quality time together. I just want to hold her and never let her go.
  4. This picture!
    I don't have a lot of photos when I was young and finding this made me so happy. Sister, mom and me.
  5. Joining this motherflippin' app and meeting some wonderful, motherflippin' people
    Seriously guys. I wanna get drunk with all of you so I can tap into my emotions and say how much I love you all. I'm a handsy-drunk. Okay not really but I will definitely tell you I love you if I'm drunk.
  6. Home
    Every time I got a chance to go home was special. So much has changed in the last two years and I don't even know how I will adjust to being back whenever I am, but I'm ready to come home.
  7. My best friends
    I said bye to her and her husband (not pictured but he looks like Jon Snow) this year, which is not a good memory, but they're doing so well in Islamabad and I'm truly happy that things are working out. I miss them and their pooch so much.
  8. Catching eyes with Brenden Shanahan
    Yep a highlight for me. Was having brunch on a patio with Jon-Snow-Lookalike in Yorkville and Mr. Shanahan was just casually walking by. I just stared, mouth agape and he stared back and that was all I needed. Love him!
  9. My gramps was deemed palliative and said "nah son, I ain't done yet". No he actually doesn't speak like that, but that's what I imagine he said when whoever comes to get you at your final moments
    Super old pic of my cousin, my grandfather and 13 year old me.
  10. Discovered Hamilton (and Leslie Odom Jr)
    I really wanted to have 10 items on this list and Hamilton has been such a good moment. I don't go to plays or musicals and it's opened my heart to theatre.