I love Halloween but I don't usually get dressed up because my peeps are lame. Here are some costumes over the years. (I always go out with the kids but I don't always dress up because it cold Canada and pointless as a result)
  1. Alex from a Clockwork Orange
    Had to improvise the costume after not finding white suspenders. Saw a girl at the party who was also Alex. I was excited to see her (because, solidarity) but she had a stank ass attitude. I'm sorry did you think you're the only one who read/watched A Clockwork Orange?
  2. 50s Girl
    This pic was posted and got the comment "how come Shome's not wearing a costume?" Because this was so close to my aesthetic. Glasses, a-line skirt and cardigan that's just a Thursday to me.
  3. Mad Hatter
    Yeah it was "the sexy version" but I really liked the little blazer that had tails. It had tails!!! You don't get to see that because I didn't do the booty shot but I fucking loved it. (Cousin next to me is wearing a Scooby costume, which I've also worn - my nephews because it was smaller)
  4. Flapper
    These assholes and I went to a Jay-Z concert looking like this. Deflated but still worn. We all had fun. We were really close to the stage too so it was amazing.
  5. Beat poet
    Black turtleneck, black pants, black beret. Not worth capturing since it would be me on a Monday.
  6. Zombie Charlie Chaplin
    So I could wear a bowler hat and bowtie. It wore this at work and can't find any photos.
  7. Costume not decided on yet for this year and I have a couple parties slated. Default costume has always been borrowing my sister's scrubs
  8. Happy Halloween! Very early because I'm in need on new content on li.st because I'm not seeing much!
  9. Let's get out shit together folks and do what we do best - laugh, share thoughts and gifs. We got this!