Thanks @karlalucia for letting me delve into my recent crush on someone I barely knew existed.
  1. For the longest time I didn't know the difference between Timothy Olyphant and Josh Duhamel
    Apparently the pics above is not the same man in different clothing.
  2. I don't believe I've seen any of his movies. Again I probably wouldn't have noticed him if I did.
  3. I haven't seen Justified ... yet
    Didn't even know he was it and I'm moving this series up from "I'll check it out once I'm caught up with everything else" to "I want to see Timothy Olyphant in cowboy hats"
  4. I haven't seen Deadwood ... yet
    This was on my watchlist as well without me knowing that Olyphant was in it (would be watching for Ian McShane). It might be that I had a conversation about Father John Misty today but the pic above looks like Josh Tillman (not a bad thing by any means).
  5. So why Timothy Olyphant?
  6. Because of Santa Clarita Diet
    It's a horror comedy filled with blood and cannibals. It's the quirky zombie comedy you didn't know you needed.
  7. He's handy (his wife is handier)
  8. He bonds with his daughter
  9. He does the yard work
  10. So I would add more but gifs and images aren't loading on list and since I can't save this as a draft you get the unfinished work. Bah!