Don't feel obligated to any of these below (except the last point).
  1. First things first, I'm in Canada and international shipping is costly. Please be aware of this and consider smaller items for shipping or even just letters.
  2. I love music. I'm open to most (🙅🏾 to disco and house) and would love a mix of your favourites or maybe a copy of an album that you can't live without.
  3. I love books. If you do choose a book I hope it's something that has been meaningful and important to you and that you share with me why that is. (🙅🏾 stories about rich people problems - so I guess no Ian McEwan)
    Used books are great, I love previously loved books.
  4. I love movies. There's a lot of classics I haven't seen that I am hoping to. I'm all about James Stewart and anything Hitchcock right now.
  5. I love notebooks. Pretty ones, colourful ones, cheeky ones. I used them for my IRL lists on a daily basis.
  6. I love nostalgia, anything that reminds me of the 80s or 90s would be great.
  7. And if you're really stuck trying to find out who I am then I this sweater should explain it all. Medium.
    Image stolen from @gd3
  8. So does this shirt.
    Image stolen from @culture_czar
  9. Above all I would love for you to share something about who you are or where you're from with me. That is really all that I would love to receive.
    Example: postcards, novelty touristy stuff, art, etc