Ethan, 6.
  1. Sang in the car to Shawn Mendes while the oldest wore his headphones
    Smart choice, dude.
  2. Exchanged our Christmas lists with each other
    It's a thing we do.
  3. Argued about our Christmas lists
    He wants an electric car and I am not on board with that idea at all. Apparently he has no faith that his parents will buy it for him and that's where I come in. I told him to hustle his grandparents.
  4. Watched Kubo and the Two Strings while snuggling
    I fell asleep of course because snuggling induces naps. Known fact.
  5. Played Iron Man Vs. Hulk
    Debated on who would win that battle. As much as I am team Iron Man I don't like his chances in that match.
  6. Played Woody Vs. Buzz
    Team Woody all the way. Don't even get me started on Woody (a Woody doll may be on my Christmas list)
  7. Argued about whether I'm older than his mom or not
    He does know I'm in my thirties. I told him to add our ages together and he'll get his mom's age. I think this blew his mind.
  8. Exchanged really bad knock-knock jokes.
  9. Face timed his father from bed demanding bacon.
    We were unsuccessful.
  10. Read to each other
    He prefers to read to me because my book wasn't about dinosaurs. Can't blame his lack of enthusiasm.
  11. Confirmed his loyalty to the Maple Leafs and bought him a Leafs toque because his father won't
    It's a divided house since his dad and sister are Habs fans. Leafs and Habs can be horrible to each other but we keep the teasing light. Poor kid is gonna learn disappointment like no other.