I retreated to Toronto to spend some time with the niece and nephews. A very short trip but much needed. Hope many of you were able to recharge.
  1. Had two drinks from Starbucks
    Check me out, drinking overpriced iced-teas. I didn't Instagram it though. That's what people do, right?
  2. Ate an entire bag of Jelly Tots
  3. Bought the game Pie Face for some messy nonsense.
    Intense and sticky. And with that my new bio has been written.
  4. Downloaded Pokemon Go
    Mere moments ago. Shhh don't tell anyone it's not available here yet.
  5. Slept in until 11:30am
    Didn't leave the bed until 12:30pm
  6. Spent the afternoon book shopping and then watching and singing to music videos on YouTube with the youngest nephew