Hug Bucket List

Inspired by @sarahmccoy
  1. If you're not willing squeeze me so hard that you might puncture a lung then forget about it
  2. Denzel Washington
    I really think a hug from this man will change my life. I would actually love to live in his arms forever.
  3. Mark Duplass
    He seems cuddly and warm. I'm down with that.
  4. Tracee Ellis Ross
    She would give my soul such a pep talk.
  5. Julie Louis Dreyfus
    She seems like she would be this excited to hug me.
  6. Carol Burnett & Vicki Lawrence
    Love them.
  7. Mads Mikkelsen
    Let me in, Mads!
  8. Kids in the Hall
    I just want to nestle between them all.
  9. Will Farrell
    It would wildly inappropriate and I'm all for it.