I ❤️ Dante Smith/Mos Def/Yasiin Bey

A friend of mine went to see Mos without telling me. It's been 10 years and I'm still not over this slight. Whenever Mos is mentioned there is a silence that falls. He waits for me to yell at him. I do. He apologizes. (This list was written one slightly drunk night. Don't expect to make sense of this. Freeing this list from my drafts)
  1. Album: Black Star
    Song: "Definition". I love him and Talib Kweli. There is nothing better ever. EVER, I say. Unfortunately no one listens to me. (Probably more than "slightly drunk" right out the gate)
  2. Album: Black on Both Sides
    Song: "Ms Fat Booty" (props for Ms.). And "Umi Says".
  3. Album: The New Danger
    Song: "Sunshine"
  4. Freestyle with Black Thought and Eminem
    https://youtu.be/ysLhA7yTuLo (had to double check the link to make sure it was legit, who knows what else I was searching on my phone that night)
  5. What is Beef?
    https://youtu.be/Wwc0m3SCzBk (there are probably better links to this song but this was easy to find I suspect)
  6. And now a visual representation of my love accompanied by random lyrics from the song Rock and Roll.
    Here we go... Randomness as I remember a love unrequited.
  7. Chains on their ankles and they feet ... I am descendants... I am Hip Hop
  8. It's heavy metal for the black people. I am Rock N Roll
    Been here forever!
  9. Elvis Presley ain't got no soul
  10. Chuck Berry is Rock N Roll
  11. You may dig on the Rolling Stone but they ain't come up with that style on they own
  12. Little Richard is Rock N Roll
  13. Steal my clothes and try to say they own
  14. Elvis Presley ain't got no soul
    (I'm not a fan of Elvis. I enjoy this line a lot)
  15. You may dig on the Rolling Stone but they ain't come up with that shit on they own
  16. Bo Diddley is Rock N Roll
  17. I ain't trying to diss but I don't be trying to fuck with Limp Bizkit
  18. I'll be rocking Bad Brains and Fishbone
  19. I ain't trying to slow your groove
  20. But that ain't the way I'm trying to move
  21. I don't turn on Korn to get it on
  22. I'll be playing Jimi Hendrix 'till the dawn
  23. Got to turn on some John Lee Hooker
  24. When I want some rock and roll go to Otis Redding to get some soul
  25. James Brown got plenty of soul, James Brown likes to rock and roll, he can do shit fo' that Elvis Presley could never know. Kenny G ain't got no soul. John Coltrane is rock and roll. You may dig on the Rolling Stone but they can never ever rock like Nina Simone.
  26. Get yo' punk ass up!
  27. This is how my wildest fantasy begins. These two and a lot of towels.
    Sober me stands by this!