1. Like a complete disappointment
  2. Like someone who can't get their shit together
  3. Unloveable
  4. Like I can no longer cope
  5. Like I'm alone
    I am not alone. I know this but I can't shake the feeling.
  6. Like things will not get better
  7. Like I want to just sleep and never wake up
  8. That I'll never stop crying
  9. Like sleeping pills no longer work
  10. That right now is the worst
  11. Like I have concentrate to breathe
  12. Like every mistake is physically piercing me
  13. Like I can't answer my phone
    I've been avoiding phone calls. I'm hoping that work doesn't call. I'm not on-call but that doesn't matter
  14. Useless
  15. That this feeling won't go away
    I know it will. I've been through this before. I will get through this but right now feels like I'm light years away from the other side of this.