I'm not a very good book club participant and apparently I'm an even worse Seinfeld fan. Here is a quasi review that's more just random thoughts than anything else.
  1. I'm a bad Seinfeld fan
    In that I never cared to hear the backstory or the details of the people involved in the show's production or inspiration.
  2. I've never watched Curb Your Enthusiasm
    I've seen 10 minutes at most and didn't feel the need to go on. I didn't hate it. I was just apathetic about it.
  3. I know the players but I didn't care
  4. Just give me the show. These characters and their world.
  5. This is a book for people like me. I know and love the sitcom but I do not know the finer details.
    If they were ever offered to me, sure I would listen intently, but I wouldn't seek them out. I believe in separating art from the artist blah blah blah Oscar Wilde
  6. I'm all about nostalgia and I loved re-living one of my favourite shows while reading this and learning how perilous the television landscape was for a show like this.
  7. What surprised (and I know it shouldn't) me was how much of their real lives were used as material.
    Hey, I've already said I'm a bad Seinfeld fan.
  8. I never understood the critique that the show was too white, too New York and too Jewish.
    My friends and I weren't any of those things. They were basketball playing, gang affiliated kids who would quote lovingly from the show at every possible moment. I was a very good girl that did nothing wrong ever (that's pretty much true, I just got to move in between groups with relative ease).
  9. For a much better list please read @BWN_7 7 Things I Learned Whilst Reading "Seinfeldia"
  10. Thanks @supercommonname for setting this up. My apologies for the lame-ass list.
  11. I'm gifting this book to another Seinfeld fan this weekend. Spread the love. Spread the word.