I'm Old Enough To...

This is a variation on the "I'm so old" lists. Inspired by @nikkilounoel @TQ (originator) and others I have seen. Also this is random as hell and I had to stop because this is already way too long
  1. Remember the Berlin Wall coming down
  2. Remember the uproar over Sinead O'Connor tearing up a picture of the pope on SNL
  3. Remember where I was when the O.J. Simpson verdict was read
  4. Remember when kids wore pacifiers as an accessory
  5. Remember the height of popularity of The Dave Matthews Band
  6. Remember when teenagers had troll dolls
  7. Remember when teenagers had tamagotchi thingys
  8. Know the amazingness that was Phil Hartman
  9. Remember when sketch comedy was everywhere from Mad TV, In Living Color to Kids in Hall and the world was much better for it
  10. Remember night time soap operas like Melrose Place that was so crazy that it made V.C. Andrews novels seem like a Charlotte Bronte novel.
  11. Remember music videos even those really obnoxious ones like "Remember the Time" or any Puff Daddy video/mini movie
  12. Remember hearing Courtney Love read Kurt Cobain's suicide note
  13. Remember the glory of Pembelton and Bayliss as being the greatest duo of all time.
    Yeah Marie and Pierre Currie you ain't got shit on these two.
  14. Remember hearing of Joe Strummer's death and for the first time feeling like I lost someone even though we never met
  15. Remember the sweet sounds of dial up
  16. Remember Napster
  17. Remember Dolly the sheep
  18. Remember when kids ate cookie dough and their parents didn't face judgement.
    I would make cookie dough for the sole purpose of eating it.
  19. Remember the Iraq War
  20. Remember the Free Tibet movement
  21. Remember the anti-globalization movement
  22. Remember September 11th
  23. Remember Kanye West's first public/controversial moment
  24. Remember Danny Glover and not constantly think of Donald Glover as his son
  25. Know that shitty things happen all the time
  26. Know that no matter what you will make it through
  27. Know that you (and I) are not alone
  28. Know that "it's a good life, if you don't weaken"