I didn't make any effort the first time I joined. I never messaged anyone and deleted it when I got tired of hearing from strangers in that oh so charming way of theirs
  1. I decided to join again on a whim. I say that but it probably isn't true. Things are tough and I crave not having to go through any more on my own. I'm not expecting that I'll find my soul mate by any means but it would be nice to have a person. Someone there to help make the days less tough. Someone that cares. Someone who is interested in me.
    It's been a really long time since I've had that. Actually I'm not sure if I ever did.
  2. I've actually messaged guys back. I've been talking to a few. Yep a few.
    I feel like a ye ol strumpet
  3. It's funny how I have the guys broken down into the possibilities of what they could be
  4. The friend
    The guy in the similar situation I was in before moving out here. He's from the same city I am and moving here for the same reasons. We've been chatting about the differences about each city and the adjustment.
  5. The guy I'll probably go on a date with
    The conversation back and forth about our shared interests to see (I presume) if we're compatible
  6. The guy I'll probably fool around with
    We've exchange no personal info but have been playfully making fun of each other (I think this is flirting but I'm not sure)
  7. The guy that made me laugh that I'd hang out with
    He didn't have a pic but he made me laugh and we've been talking. He's probably the winner of the bunch which means I'll treat him like a friend then get upset when he doesn't have feelings for me
  8. The guy who shared way too much info about his life
    He seemed self pitying and I couldn't just not respond. The reason I won't date him is because he's from the same small I work in. He seemed dejected I didn't message him right away. Dude, chill.
  9. A woman messaged me
    So that's happening.
  10. Talking to this guy who thinks baseball is boring. I'm telling him everything that's happening in the Jays vs Os game.
    If you can't handle me at my nerdiest then this won't last.