1. My phone or this app is dying
    I'm pretty sure it's my phone. I can't even open the app sometimes.
  2. It shuts down all the time and if I am absent for any prolonged time know that my phone won't let me keep any more apps
    I have deleted practically everything that brings me joy
  3. Also know that I am well (I hope) but too poor to get a new phone right away
  4. Pictorial evidence of how little I can do on my phone
  5. So my list chats don't save. If we ever had a conversation know that it is no longer recorded anywhere. I can only keep about 50 messages in a chat
  6. Another Li.st grievance. Saving doesn't actually save drafts. I've typed my latest list 3 times and it's taken some time. I would have given up if it wasn't for someone in particular.
  7. My phone doesn't work unless it's connected to wifi. As a result I am way more productive at work.
    And even when connected to wifi data isn't working. Will need a new phone sooner than I thought.