Anyone else on Letterboxd? Here's my plug
  1. I started using the web version of Letterboxd about a couple years ago as a way to keep track of films I wanted to see but since I have a horrible memory could never remember.
  2. Screencaps from the app
    I almost always log the movies I'm watching. Yes I'm watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 (I watched it with the kids before but I can't remember it because the dang kids were distracting me)
  3. Organized chronologically so you can judge how lonely your life is
    I stopped rating a while ago, I'm not using the app to direct people away or to films so I thought it was a useless exercise for me.
  4. My favourite feature is the watchlist. I add movies I hear about to check out later as well as recommendations. It's so much prettier than my iPhone notes.
    Any recommendations? Yeah I haven't seen The Darjeeling Limited. I have no excuse.
  5. User reviews are almost always on point. Below are reviews of The Circle. I trust these people with film recs - I don't even trust the people closest to me with this.
  6. Of course you can make lists on here. You can even make private lists too... pretty cool idea if you ask me
    Above was a pretty cool list challenge that I didn't get to finish because finding some of the films proved harder than I thought. Anyone know where I can find Soy Cuba?
  7. I feel that some of you would love this app/site.
    @kaydbug89 @veshecco @roche (just some users off the top of my head, I know there's more of you film and list lovers out there)