I love this movie. Both characters but tonight I'm more Jim (Mark Duplass) than Amanda (Sarah Paulson). I've said this before I'm almost equally attracted to both of them. It's a little weird. Streaming on Netflix.
  1. "My face leaks, I don't know. It's fine"
  2. "I haven't gotten it all figured out"
  3. "I don't fucking know what I'm doing"
  4. "I'm living in Tucson and I don't want stay there anymore and but I don't know really know where to else to go. I'm having a hard time".
  5. "If the reason you're spending time with is because you feel sorry for me, you don't have to, it's okay"
  6. "I think you should think about working with greyhounds"
  7. "It's never been like it was with us, for me"
  8. "We we're gonna be so happy"
  9. "I was scared"
  10. [exhale]