If I have three days of this then so do you!
  1. Early flight from Ottawa to Toronto and then Niagara.
    All the company's Eastern Ontario/Quebec delegation was on three flights (probably) I'm the only one from Long Term Care (we are either Cinderella or the Ugly Stepsisters in the company) and I'm pretending to be too cool for school by just being on my phone. I'm sure they're nice, but I'm not willing to find out.
  2. I forgot my work cellphone. 😬
    I think I turned my out of office on.
  3. People won't stop talking about the Super Bowl
    I'm not even a football fan but that loss hurt. The game was more than just football and that win was needed for so many but at least #TheFalconsWonThePopularVote (@Boogie). "Popular vote" is now synonymous with "consolation prize"
  4. View from my room. It'll be prettier at night.
    Next year is Arizona!
  5. I have an hour an half before cocktails which means I have time to nap for an hour then get ready.
  6. Static
  7. Any speaker that uses the word "tremendous" now irks me.
  8. One of our speakers was Mark Tewksbury who is an Olympic gold medalist. He's truly a nice guy.
  9. Dress your decade night. I'm in some serious 80s gear and just requested some Clash.
  10. Killing time at the airport. Day drunk Shome might come out to play. I have a couple hours to kill