Altered but definitely inspired by @manda
  1. Chester Cheetah
    He was my generation's The Fonz. I don't know what corporations do to their retired mascots. I'm concerned about his pension. Is it just Cheetos. If it is, it's not a bad deal.
  2. Fido
    Dude, what happened to you? You were my aspiring illustrator friends' favourite. You got too niche? I get it.
  3. Snap, Crackle and Pop
    Yeah there is a new version of you updated to look like you can hang with the Pixar crew, but your soul cannot be replicated.
  4. California Raisins
    Oh it's all good. We found you. You're taking time off to run for president as the Republican candidate.
  5. Mac
    Why do I think sexual harassment suits brought down your career as a McDonalds spokesperson?
  6. Taco Bell Chihuahua
    I'm not going to come find you. You disappoint me.
  7. The Noid
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo