My brother-in-law found some of my old mixed CDs and gave them to me because he thought I would get a kick out them. Oh he was right! I never kept a journal and listening to these tracks have taken me down memory lane. This is definitely early 2000s
  1. Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating in Space
    I think I started many mixed CDs with this as the opening track. It's just perfect.
  2. Sigur Ros - Staralfur
    I remember listening to their first album exclusively in the winter while I walked around campus because they made the bitter cold seem prettier. Also a great album to fall asleep too.
  3. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
    I actually don't like song anymore. I cringe when I hear it now. It's pleasant enough and I think that's the problem, it's pleasant.
  4. Fiona Apple - I Know
    I try to sing to this every time and I never fair well.
  5. Goapele - Back To You
    Sure it makes sense to drop a random neo-soul track. I do love this song.
  6. Portishead - Over
    Any Portishead song would do.
  7. Lamb - Gabriel
    I had a couple of their albums but never really became a fan. This song is lovely but I'm not sure why I picked this over "One".
  8. Archive - The Pain Gets Worse
    I remember falling in love with this album (You All Look The Same To Me). Looking back it wasn't anything special. Weirdly this song isn't on Apple's version of the album but I feel strongly that my copy included this song. Apple is wrong.
  9. Tricky ft. PJ Harvey - Broken Homes
    I was never a fan of Tricky but this song I loved.
  10. Massive Attack - Mezzanine
    It took me almost a full 40 seconds to remember the name of the song and band, which is crazy considering how "huge" this song was. At least I didn't say "ahh the opening theme from House"
  11. The Black Heart Possession - A Light So Dim
    My favourite song of theirs. Moody and perfect.
  12. Songs: Ohia - Cross, The Road Molina
    I've been listening to Didn't It Rain a lot recently. Still one of my favourite all time albums and this is my favourite song from that album. ❤️ Jason Molina.
  13. The Jim Yoshii Pile Up - Reckless Driving
    I struggled trying to remember the name of the song. I caved and looked at the track list. I really liked this band but I think it was because no one else knew about them.
  14. Migala - El Retraso
    Love hearing their Spanish accent. Hearing "when she was a kid, she had a cockatoo" makes me smile more than it should.
  15. Xiu Xiu - Suha
    One of my favourite songs of all time. I remember seeing Jamie Stewart preform at The Drake hotel and Owen Pallett (I believe he was using Les Mouches moniker at the time) opened and love was in the air. Very disturbing love, but love nonetheless.
  16. Sigur Ros - Ny Batteri
    I committed a mixed cd crime by including two songs by one artist. I have no excuse for this. I'm willing to be tried by a jury of my peers.