My high school didn't vote on who was "most likely" to ... This would be things I would have been voted most likely to in High School.
  1. To never attend the first period
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    People were genuinely surprised to learn that I didn't have a first period spare. They were even more surprised when they found out that I was in their class.
  2. To never return from lunch period
    I remember driving around looking for Prince's house. It was majestic. I also remember a quest to find really good Mexican food. I honestly don't know how I graduated.
  3. To have teachers underestimate me
    I had a teacher that refused to teach to me. We had a candid conversation at the end of the year. He thought because of who I hung out with I was not worth the energy. I told him I didn't need his energy. I passed Finite Math in spite of that asshole.
  4. Not to belong
    Definitely not smart enough for the smart kids but not drugged up enough for the druggies. I floated between the two groups based on mood and how much expectation from each group had of me in terms of my participation in their worlds.
  5. To confuse apathy with stupidity
    I couldn't understand why people didn't care about the same things I did.
  6. To look to the Beastie Boys for moral guidance
    The Tibetan Freedom concerts were a huge deal to me
  7. To question why we were only taught "practical" skills.
    They stripped us of arts programs. I wouldn't mind learning electrical but I had too many other questions, like why weren't we learning Shakespeare? Why weren't we talking more about Rwanda? Why were not expected to understand this? Why weren't we given a chance to learn more?
  8. Not to attend the graduation ceremony
    I didn't want to attend. I had planned to sit in the audience to support my classmates. I was peer pressured to walking across the stage and accepting my diploma from some local politician. I decided I wouldn't subject myself to similarly meaningless exercise (completely a personal opinion on graduation ceremonies based on how the years that precedes that moment) at university.
  9. To subsist on a diet of french fries and mayo
  10. To wear a lot of black
    This resulted in an intervention by friends who claimed I had too many black turtleneck. I conceded this fact when I dressed up as a beatnik for Halloween and people didn't realize I was in costume