Songs I had to use the Shazam app for because the NEED to know artist/song was too great.
  1. Daisy Hamel-Buffa - Your Future Is Not Mine
    From the Adidas commercial.
  2. Roxette - Joyride
    I heard this while driving and despite singing along to it I could not remember the name of the song.
  3. BJ the Chicago Kid - Heart Crush
    I just finished getting caught up on Insecure and this song will be getting heavy play while I cry myself to sleep. Live version:
  4. Great list idea. I can't even remember why I Shazamed this.
    Suggested by @roche
  5. Dierks Bentley
    No offense to Country fans out in land, I liked the song, but these new pop C&W dudes all sound the same to me 🙃
    Suggested by @angela3950
  6. This song is at the end of the movie Hitch (❤️) and I forgot who the artist is was!
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  7. Never knew who did this song, a classic '80s ballad 🎶
    Suggested by @naughtyedamame
  8. "Lookin Like That" - Jordan Fisher.
    Suggested by @undeadsinatra
  9. Static
    I just installed Shazam so I could add to this list! I did it on my phone, not my iPad so it looks different.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
  10. Static
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  11. I literally just heard this at work and couldn't remember it was Van Halen
    Suggested by @alyherb